Love Atlanta
Rising Together To Serve The City

LOVE ATLANTA exists to inspire and mobilize people towards a lifestyle of service. Now more than ever, there are many who are hurting in our city. We want to continue to rise up, show up, and leverage our lives to see the landscape of our city change through our service + generosity.

Our City Can Be Changed

We partner with 100+ organizations all over Atlanta in giving our time, efforts, and resources. Every donation LOVE ATLANTA receives goes directly towards our administrative operating expenses to help us plan and execute additional projects, strengthen and build more partnerships, and mobilize more people to go out and LOVE our city.

We are grateful for every hour served, every person connected, and every dollar given towards seeing our city continue to rise to its potential. LOVE ATLANTA currently exists as an outreach of Passion City Church (PCC), and all donations will be received and distributed to LOVE ATLANTA by PCC.